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Business-to-Business (B2B) Solutions

Simplified Health & Disease Management for Businesses.

Simplified Health and Disease Management for Businesses

Our secure web-based platform simplifies health and disease management for businesses. It seamlessly captures staff/patients' information, links test results to staff/patients and report notifiable results to health authorities.


By utilizing our B2B solution, businesses ensure regulatory compliance, promote staff/patient and customer well-being, and streamline the health and disease management process.

Patent No. 2316994.9 

Businessman using an iMac computer to explore Global iMed business solutions.
Global iMed business partner reviewing solutions from her home office.

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Benefits for B2B

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Streamline Health & Disease Management Process

Promote Staff, Patient & Customer Wellbeing

Monitor Staff Wellbeing in the Workplace

Global iMed

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At Global iMed, our application is designed to serve an international audience, offering customization, localization, white-labelling, and seamless system integration capabilities, empowering countries to manage their unique requirements effectively.

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