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Proactive Health & Disease Management for Governments.

Proactive Disease Management for Governments

The Global iMed App revolutionises disease management for governments by providing a powerful and comprehensive solution to screen the population for disease outbreaks.


With capabilities to screen for diseases such as HIV, TB, Malaria, COVID-19, and more, the App empowers governments to proactively monitor and manage public health.

At Global iMed, our application is designed to serve an international audience, offering customization, localization, white-labelling, and seamless system integration capabilities, empowering countries to manage their unique requirements effectively.

Patent No. 2316994.9 

Government officials engaged in discussions on health and disease management policies.

Global iMed Manager: A web-based tool for Global iMed App

The Global iMed Manager features systematic reporting of health data to government health systems, facilitating real-time data analysis and assisting in disease surveillance efforts. Governments can leverage the app to administer the medication directly, ensuring efficient and organized delivery to affected individuals.

The health surveillance tools, including real-time data on outbreaks and heatmaps, provide governments with valuable insights for proactive decision-making and targeted interventions. The Global iMed App and Global iMed Manager empower governments with the tools and capabilities to effectively manage disease outbreaks, safeguard public health, and optimize population well-being.

Global iMed Test Manager mockup, showcasing innovative health and disease management solutions.

Benefits for Governments

Real-time Data Analysis

Assist in Efficient Medication administration

Targeted Interventions

Manage Outbreaks

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Government officials on podium discussing health and disease management policies.

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